Interview with MVC Magazine during Fashion Week

SCAPA: BRITISH STYLE HAS NEVER BEEN SO GLAMOROUS In Rome, those who loves the authentic British Style choose Scapa. This ...
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Scapa 25° anniversario

25 Years of Scapa Roma: A time to blossom

Twenty-five years have passed since the opening of Scapa Roma, in the autumn of 1989: this marks an important anniversary, ...
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Premio Via Vittoria Scapa Roma

Scapa Roma to offer a bursary as part of the Via Vittoria Prize

On the occasion of the last edition of the Via Vittoria Prize, in December 2013, Scapa Roma offered a bursary ...
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Vetrinale Scapa Roma

The eye stumbles: window art – or Vetrinale

The first Vetrinale – ‘contemporary art in extraordinary shops’ – took place in 2012. Thirty contemporary artists were called to ...
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Inaugurazione Scapa Roma_4

It was the year of 1989, and Via Vittoria would never be the same again…

It’s autumn, 1989, the Berlin Wall is falling down, bringing the ‘short 20th century’ to a close… Via Vittoria was ...
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