Interview with MVC Magazine during Fashion Week



In Rome, those who loves the authentic British Style choose Scapa. This historic boutique is placed a few steps away from Piazza di Spagna, in one of the most elegant and quiet streets in Campo Marzio: Via Vittoria. A shop for whoever loves modern, classy and elegant clothes; which almost seems frozen in time, welcoming like a living room and lively as a laboratory. In the shop you will meet (at is has been since 1989) Mrs Virzi, woman of unborn elegance, capable to see beyond appearances and to choose for you exactly the piece or the accessory that will give an unexpected and unique touch to your look. We are in the reign of English cloths and luxurious fabrics. Alpaca and mohair in the finest making, shetland and wonderful cachemire and velvet that can enlighten your face.

And for spring: silk, linen and pure cotton in trendy and pastel colours such as pink, light blue, red and yellow, other than blue, white and beige. These are the colours inspired by the nature: woods, earth, see and Northern cliffs.

Scarves and stoles to add an elegant and cool touch to your nightly outfits. The cuts are smooth and poetic: with Scapa you just cannot go for an impersonal look. Just take a look at outwear, the absolute must have of the boutique. Corduroy velvet coat, sporty jackets, capes and double-face ponchos. And of course, the iconic redingote, a long jacket with a central slit, perfect both with denim and on a nightly outfit: you will simply have to change your accessories and shoes to always look ravishing.

What makes Scapa’s clothes unique is that they are great 24/7, for women who leave home in the morning and get back at night, or don’t get back at all!

A Scottish dna that can become sporty chic, with many casual elements. After all, this is the British Style. At first glance, it can seem even too classic. It reminds of moors, tormented love stories an butter cookies. But it  also features the reckless and daring aspects of punk. Here at Scapa’s Roma the military inspired trench coats can coexist with romantic lace. In order to fit the Scapa style, just choose a crêpe de chine polka dot dress, a nicely cut shirt, tweed like a Dunmore countess. That is all, in this wonderful living room in the center of Rome. Let Scapa and Mrs Virzi do the rest: clothes themselves will choose you.