Scapa Roma on Via Condotti – Spring Summer 2018


Pagine 146/147 di Via Condotti
Sfoglia la rivista Via Condotti – Spring Summer 2018

Scapa Roma su Via CondottiQualità al passo con le tendenze

Tagli sartoriali per capi must have. A Roma la moda passa per Via Vittoria.

Precious laces declined in black and white. Precious silks from which take life delicious flounced tops. Linen jackets with ele-gant deerskin inserts. What do these garments have in common? The quality of the fabrics, above all. Accuracy of details and finishes. But especially their ability to keep up with the trends without losing the allure of a timeless style. This is Scapa Roma, historic Capitoline boutique at 58/59 of Via Vittoria, a stone’s throw from the central Piazza di Spagna. Beautiful and well-ma-de clothes, likethose of the collection Spring-Summer 2018,in which the sartorial style winks to seasonal trends. From the transparencies of the maxi dresses in printed silk to the palazzo pants that descend wide following the diktat of the catwalks. And more: the timeless fitted coats in Oxford linen, the British patterns typical of the brand of the princes of Wales but also the iridescent jackets in the shades ofblue, fuchsia or orange. Without forgetting the sailors lines, combined with cotton or white jeans, essential for the summer. A wardrobe, in short, that wants to attract a careful and demanding clientele. But also able to put mothers and daughters in agreement.