Scapa Roma on Via Condotti – Spring Summer 2017


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Scapa Roma su Via CondottiGENERATION-LESS

It is a riot of white, ivory, pale pastel shades that from yellow go to blue. Here and there, then, strokes of red or orange, without forget the exotic prints, real must of this season.

The spring of Scapa, at number 58-59 of Via Vittoria, a stone’s throw from Piazza di Spagna, is in the name of that timeless elegance reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary way.

The actual trends relive in the soft skirts, in the comfortable pants that leave the ankle out, in the maxi long dresses to wear, as fashion wants, with a belt marking the waist.

All this, however, always accompanied by that taste for tailoring for the “well done”, which is reflected in the choice, of fabrics, from the Chanel type bouclè to the silk of the shirts, up to the crisp wool of the daywear, so handy for today’s woman, who wants to feel perfect from the office to the aperitif with friends.

But the distinguishing feature is found especially in the attention to detail: just lift the necks or jackets, iconic piece of the brand, to find the famous deer inserts, not to mention the meticulousness with which buttonholes and trimmings are made.

For a wardrobe that doesn’t know generations because, a well packaged and contemporary clothe, likes to mothers as well as to daughters.