Scapa Roma on Via Condotti – Winter 2016



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Scapa Roma su Via CondottiDouble-breasted coats in pied poule, impeccable outwears in tweed and Harrys Tweed, soft cardigans with buckskin finishes.

These are just some of the clothes that Maria Grazia Virzì, owner of Scapa Roma, famous Capitoline boutique located in the city center, at n. 58/59 in Via Vittoria, proposes for the 16/17 fall-winter season.

Frock coats, cashmere knitwear, silk shirts with bows and frills meet pastel tones like candy pink and blue, combined with the palette of beiges and grays in contrast with the elegant midnight blue and burgundy.

To match with palazzo pants or, for those seeking a sporty chic attitude, comfortable jeans that enhances the silhouette. All in the name of an elegance that has its roots in the equestrian world, winking to the most authentic and sophisticated British style.